Emerging Technology Center (ETC)

The I2C Emerging Technology Center is a window into the future of business communications featuring a collection of Knowledge Solutions fully configured to demonstrate important examples of a Network Operations Center (NOC), Knowledge Fusion Center (KFC), Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Executive Briefing Center (EBC).

The center’s capabilities include a HD MicroTile wall, a 2X3 HD video wall, a 70” HD touch screen, and a 72” HD Smart Board. The center is fully integrated, controlled, and implemented using a variety of portable tablet computers.

MicroDataCenter (MDC)

The I2C MicroDataCenter (MDC) is a state-of-the-art data center capable of housing up to fourteen racks of MicroKloud private cloud systems and solutions. The MDC hosts the MicroPodd™, a fully integrated Audio - Visual system, and a variety of leading-edge hardware and software cloud options from some of today’s top tech providers.

Test Evaluation and Integration Lab (TE&I)

The I2C Test Evaluation and Integration Lab (TE&I) is designed to support testing and evaluation of cloud systems. The TE&I capability allows MicroTech to closely examine and review potential technology products and vital strategic partners for key projects. The lab hosts significant technical capabilities, including over three hundred cores and TBs of data storage.

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