Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has arrived. It is the biggest trend in technology today. According to tech forecaster Gartner, the global cloud market will reach almost $150 Billion by the end of 2014.

Now more than ever, “doing more with less” is a way of life in the business world. Few would question the value that IT automation plays in delivering more and better business services. Electronic Age business leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Google have clearly taken the lead in using Cloud Computing environments to save time, cut costs, and grow more efficient. In the public sector, Cloud Computing is impacting the delivery of services by offering taxpayers user-friendly, self-service portals and online applications to do things like find answers, pay taxes and order services on their own over the web, reducing the burden of support agencies and saving time and money.

Call it “thin client,” “grid computing,” “utility computing,” “SOA,” and even “data center consolidation” — today we refer to all of these as Cloud Computing. But is it right for your business? If you want to make more efficient use of your IT resources, reduce your IT costs, store critical data off site or using the cloud as part of your Disaster Recovery plan then Cloud Computing is right for you.

Other advantages of Cloud Computing include more green-focused, use of resources through decreased power consumption and reduced HVAC requirements, greater flexibility and improved scalability, as well as lower-costs for services and network infrastructure.

Cloud First Government Policy

In early 2011, the U.S. government initiated a “Cloud First” strategy. This policy is intended to accelerate the pace at which the public sector will realize the benefits of Cloud Computing by requiring all agencies to evaluate safe, secure cloud options before making any new information technology investments, and to take advantage of private sector innovation.

At MicroTech, our flexible and affordable Cloud Computing solutions can accommodate multiple vendors and standard cloud platforms. Freely move computer, storage, and network services from one cloud provider to another. Transfer to cloud operations when existing operations are at risk. Back up data with alternative providers. Take advantage of unlimited capacity from multiple resources. Ensure security and compliance with standards. Avoid restrictive, non-competitive pricing, and add innovative new Cloud Computing capability as it becomes available.

MicroTech Cloud Computing Solutions

No matter what your business size or the requirements of your legacy network, turn to the MicroTech MicroKloud™ line of private and Hybrid cloud solutions for all your Cloud Computing needs.

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