Enterprise Infrastructure Solution

Through the Network Services program, GSA has developed the Network Services 2020 (NS2020) strategy, a new and all-inclusive acquisition program to fulfill agencies’ needs for IT and telecommunications. NS2020 will work to become the Government’s main source for network-based and network-enabled services, which will be provided through this new EIS contract vehicle.

EIS is a comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements, and is at the heart of GSA’s Telecommunications Portfolio.  EIS replaces Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts and GSA Regional Local Service Agreements for government telecommunications and infrastructure solutions.

The Benefits of EIS:

Simplified and streamlined process, Flexibility, Expanded scope, Cost savings, Innovative solutions and emerging technologies, Compliant with OMB security policies, Integrated Cybersecurity services, Creating opportunities for small business participation

EIS Services

Data Services

With the advent of Big Data, today's networks are tasked with doing more then ever. They must constantly evolve to suit their clients ever changing needs. MicroTech is a proven leader in supplying government agencies with networking solutions that are secure and deliver mission-critical requirements backed by MicroTech's best-in-class service through Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Voice Service

Voice Services are the cornerstone of business and MicroTech's full range of reliable and scalable products, ranging from landlines to fully managed VoIP, provide unparalleled service to government agencies.

Contact Center Service

We deliver highly secure and reliable Contact Center Services (CSS) with a full featured portfolio of CSS solutions. MicroTech has been providing leading-edge CCS solutions to Government agencies for 13 years.

Colocated Hosting Service

MicroTech's Colocated Hosting Service (CHS) houses a range of IT best-in-class storage, computing and IT Services allowing our partners to reduce cost and protect their systems.


We provide flexible, massively scalable Cloud Services, that allow our partners to ramp up fast and deploy a world class array of services.

Wireless Service

We're positioned to provide best-in-class, reliable and secure communications technologies, ranging from Cloud Computing to integrating wireless technologies.

Managed Services

MicroTech's Managed Services are built from the ground up with the requirements and security needs of the federal government in mind, providing a full portfolio of IT services.

Access Arrangements

MicroTech's Access Arrangements (AAs) offers agencies the full spectrum of scalable and highly reliable access to facilitate smooth network expansion and evolution, and help agency customers obtain value-added EIS services faster.
MicroTech is a proven reseller of IT and telecommunications technology products to government agencies. We have a deep portfolio of products and established relationships with thousands of vendors and supply many government agency partners.
Via our professional services division, MicroTech provides staffing solutions directly and through our established relationships with a best-in-class portfolio of vendors. Cable and Wiring We take a systems based approach to Cable and Wiring (C&W) and deliver design, engineering and implementation services from planning and design through Q&A testing. National Security and Emergency Preparedness The National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) community spans the Federal, State, local governments, public safety and emergency responders and industry partners who are responsible for maintaining the Nation's critical infrastructure. Organizations that rely on telecommunications on a daily basis to provide public health, maintain law and order, ensure public safety, and/or provide financial or utility service should enroll in these vital priority services. 


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