Focus Areas

The convergence of emerging technologies — cloud computing, mobile applications, and social media — are at an important transition point in terms of rapid adoption in the business world. They offer forward thinkers like you an opportunity to make a quantum leap forward in terms of utility, access, and business growth.

MicroTech is leading the charge into the second decade of the Digital Century with a focus on Virtualization, Private Cloud, and Green Tech — building next generation collaborative knowledge and advanced learning, analytical environments that can transform your business.

Cloud Computing

Various Information Technology initiatives over the years have been referred to as “enterprise,” “thin client,” “grid computing,” “utility computing,” “SOA,” and even data center consolidation. They have all led to what we now call “Cloud Computing.” Over the last decade of IT, the field clearly paints a picture of a cloud enterprise evolution, if not a revolution in business acceptance.

With a well known reputation for offering innovation in government technology, MicroTech now introduces innovation into a new arena — the MicroTech Innovation & Integration Center (I2C), features the next generation of cloud computing alternatives.

MicroTech MicroKloud™ solutions offer a wide range of options to meet the demand of a rapidly growing IT infrastructure. Our data storage capabilities and industry-leading relocation, augmentation and transformation services can support the needs of a fast moving global environment.

Data Center Optimization

Given the current economic situation, business leaders are increasingly demanding clear proof that capital investments are delivering maximum value. The pressure is on for IT managers to eliminate inefficiencies caused by poor asset utilization, fragmented demand for resources, duplicate systems, and environments that are too complex and costly to manage.

Based on best practices and the technology solutions that support them, improved IT processes and more adaptable and affordable data center technology provide a strong antidote with which to counter these issues. Organizations like yours can achieve these demands for accountability and transparency through the effective deployment of MicroPodd™ data center solutions from MicroTech.

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