MicroTech Partners with AT&T on Emerging Business Markets Team

Tue, 2013-10-22 17:19 -- nitrous

CRN Magazine released an article yesterday highlighting AT&T’s Channel Push via their AT&T Partner Exchange program in which MicroTech plays a prominent role as a leading Technology Solution Provider. The partnership was formalized on 30 June and is designed to expand AT&T’s presence in the midmarket. MicroTech was selected based on its innovative Cloud Solution core competencies and was awarded the highest level partnership based on the projected volume of business they will do with AT&T. Discounts and incentives vary based on the silver, gold and platinum tiers.

Tony Jimenez, President & CEO of MicroTech, said "We knew that when we signed on the dotted line that it was going to be something valuable for both AT&T and MicroTech, and that we would be heading in the right direction instantly."

This partnership leverages MicroTech’s proven capabilities with AT&T’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, explained Tim Dioquino, MicroTech’s SVP for Innovation & Integration Group.

Jimenez said he wants MicroTech to "do it all," in terms of selling across the entire AT&T portfolio, but that it was MicroTech's growing investments in the cloud arena, as evidenced through its MicroKloud private cloud management solution, that made an AT&T partnership seem more timely than ever.

The MicroTech CEO emphasized his decision to sign on stemmed from his realization that embracing cloud and carrier services is "critical" for solution providers to be that trusted, one-stop shop for their customers. "We realized many, many years ago that it was going to eventually reach the point where customers want to go to one provider," Jimenez said.

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