MicroTech Sights Air Force Network Command Center

Wed, 2012-10-24 14:45 -- nitrous

Earlier this week, MicroTech visited the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to conduct a site visit for a Network Command Center (NCC) relocation proposal. The project is to relocate the IT Center from its current four different sites into a new Consolidated Communication Facility.

The Air Force has introduced in this proposal its initial attempt to utilize the promising Army Information Technology Services- Small Business (ITS-SB) Contract Vehicle that MicroTech currently serves as a Prime Contractor on. 

Under ITS-SB, MicroTech provides IT equipment and solutions to satisfy Continental United States (CONUS) development, deployment, operation, maintenance, and sustainment requirements. MicroTech analyzes requirements, develops and implements recommended solutions, and operates and maintains legacy systems, and equipment.

MicroTech experts Vice President of Army Programs, Jay White; Project Manager of DISA, Jarred Martus; and Senior Network Engineer, Bob Harman visited the site. They said they felt excited about the project, and the Air Forces’ interest in the ITS-SB vehicle constitutes as a significant leap forward.

ITS-SB is one of MicroTech's most successful contract vehicles, winning contracts at Fort Belvoir, VA; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; the Florida National Guard; and the Army G4 in the Pentagon among several other efforts.

Interested in MicroTech’s ITS-SB Contract Vehicle? Check out - http://www.microtech.net/army-its-sb

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