General Services Administration (GSA)

MicroTech was responsible for the planning, launch and operation of Tier 1 and Help Desk support for the 2008 Presidential Elect White House and Executive Office Transition Team. Based on project deadlines, MicroTech had only 60 days to write SOPs / FAQs, hire and train qualified technical personnel, badge all staff members with HSPD-12 credentials, and develop procedures for issuing equipment and all other technical support functions.


  • Support high volume FAS Help Desk center
  • Provide Tier 1, Tier 2 support
  • Manage Vendor Support Center
  • Provide interactive vendor training


MicroTech supported the GSA FAS office in providing full spectrum facility and IT Help Desk services to more than 1200 personnel that made up the Presidential Transition team.

The MicroTech team faced many hurdles and firsts in support of this important FAS contract. This was the first time that advanced telecommunications technology like smartphones, notebook computers and wireless broadband access were involved in an executive office transition of power.

“The opportunity to plan or and predict was minimal, but MicroTech provide competent, dedicated staff that got the job done. MicroTech and their employees should be proud of the wonderful job they did and the service they provided to the country.” – Ed O’Hare, GSA FAS Assistant Commissioner, Integrated Technology Services

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